Washing Wool

100% chunky wool is a dream to wear, needs little care, and lasts a lifetime. But washing a giant jumper by hand is a task, so I'm breaking it down and making it a little simpler so you can have dreamy knits that last a lifetime. 
I'm using the Clothes Doctor eco wash for cashmere and wool- it's scented with cedar which acts as a moth repellent- but you can use any regular detergent.
A bottle of the Clothes Doctor wool wash is laid on top of a floral motif jumper
I find it easiest to do this in the bath for chunky jumpers, but if you've got a big sink you'll be grand. Mix a small amount of detergent with cold water, and agitate to mix.  
Submerge the jumper and make sure the whole thing is wet. Leave to soak for 30 mins 
Chunky knit jumper submerged in water in bath
Drain the water and squeeze out as much water as possible- don't wring the jumper as you'll stretch it out, instead press down on the jumper. You could do this forever but just get as much water out until you're bored. If its the first time washing, some colour run may occur but that's completely normal. 
A jumper in the bath after having the water squeezed out
Place the jumper on a towel, with another towel on top and roll up. I like to do this once, then put the jumper at the other end of the towel (the dry part) and do it again 
Jumper rolled up in 2 towels
The more water you get out at this point, the quicker the jumper will dry. But there's only so many towels so don't fret if you're jumper is still wet at this point- it just shouldn't be dripping anymore! 
Jumper drying on a towel on the floor
Leave to dry somewhere warm. If you have a sturdy clothes horse, you can place it on top. It will dry quicker this way as the air can get to the top and bottom. But you can also just leave it to dry on the floor near a radiator/well ventilated area and be prepared that it might take a while- like, 24 hours- so don't leave it in the way of anything urgent. 
When laying out your jumper, be careful not to stretch it out as it'll dry that way and be bigger than it was before.  Make sure the stitches are sitting close to each other- you shouldn't be able to see gaps between each stitch and row.
Jumper stretched out too much- you don't want to do this
A jumper with all stitches sitting in the right place
Drying time will vary depending on the thickness of the jumper, and amount of water you managed to squeeze out. 

It's a process for sure but it doesn't need to be done very often at all. By keeping up with spot cleaning stains when they happen, you can generally leave your knits alone and give them a little refresh every 6 months or so- leave it even longer if they're barely worn.

And Voila! Enjoy your freshly clean, cosy dream!