I’m Rosie; founder, maker, creator, everything, of The Make.


I make lust-worthy clothing in the most responsible way possible- everything is made by my hands, from locally sourced natural and dead stock fabrics. I even rework my scraps and unwanted items of clothing into one of a kind pieces to save waste. 

I make to order to avoid any waste, which also allows for garments to easily be customised to individual measurements for the best fit. 

Made to last when looked after, I encourage you to treasure, mend, and lend your pieces, so they can live a long and happy life. 

Everything is made by me at my home in SE London - from initial sketches, through to sewing your orders and packaging them up beautifully, Stevie Nicks is usually involved in some part of that process!

As the brand continues to grow, I can’t wait to expand the range to have more styles to offer you. Painted silk is an absolute staple and it’s here to stay. I’m looking forward to experimenting and pushing this technique further, to create even more wonderfully vibrant pieces that belong in your dreams (and wardrobes!)

I’d love for you to sign up to the mailing list at the bottom of the page, so I can keep you updated on this ever-changing journey, and there’s a warm welcoming 15% off your first order to invite you into the gang.