Who makes your clothes?

Me! I pick the fabrics, design the pieces, cut them out custom to your measurements, paint and sew and knit them up, ship them out, answer your emails, and do a little dance whenever you order something!


Why is everything so limited?

As I make everything myself to order, there’s only so many things I can do to make sure you’re not waiting years for your order. This coupled with the fact that I mainly use deadstock fabrics, means spaces get filled up quick and fabric runs out very quickly- sorry! But it means that your pieces are super special and you’ll never see someone walking down the street in the same top as you.


What is deadstock fabric?

Deadstock fabric is fabric that has been leftover from previous designers, whether it just never ended up being used or there was extra left after a production. It means the fabric can be repurposed rather than sent to landfill, and I’m not creating anything new or using up resources like water that would usually be used to make new fabrics.


Why is shipping so expensive?

Right!? International shipping has increased since that thing happened that everyone is always talking about- but rest assured, I am constantly looking for the cheapest option for you. I updated my shipping prices in Jan 2021, so they are as up to date as possible. 


Do I have to pay tax/import duties?

All taxes and import duties are your responsibility- and I know no one wants them- but it varies place to place, so please be aware of your countries import policies. Import duties may occur in ALL countries outside of the UK.


How long until my order arrives?

To ensure zero waste, most pieces are made to order- which also allows custom sizing so you’ll never have to worry about fit issues. Please allow 21-28 days for your garments to be lovingly made, plus delivery. Once shipped, you’ll be updated, and will be sent a tracking number if you've selected tracked delivery. Reworked pieces have already been made, so they’ll be packaged up and speedily shipped out within 2-3 days of purchase.


How do I know what size to order?

To order a ‘standard’ size, you can check the size guide here. If you need custom measurements- e.g a different length, your size isn’t included on the guide, or you just want a more accurate fit, then leave your measurements in the comment box on checkout. Each listing will include the specific measurements needed. Please please please double check these!


How do I measure myself accurately?

Measure at the widest point for each part (e.g bust- you want to measure over the nipple), with a loose hand- you need room to move, remember! Also keep an eye out on instagram for a measuring guide.


Can I put this in the washing machine?

Honestly, it depends.

Jumpers; A big fat no, sorry. The wool I use is super chunky, and doesn’t like heat, or movement. You can spot clean stains and when it really needs it, hand wash only in lukewarm water and dry flat. Learn more about looking after wools *here*

Everything else; To make sure your pieces live a beautiful life, they should always be hand-washed and air dried. But I know how long this is, and sometimes we forget to do things until the last minute. If you’re in a rush, most pieces (except for anything beaded) can be put in the washing machine on a delicate setting and low temperature. But you have to promise me that you’ll only ever do this when you’re desperate- it really shortens the life span of delicate fabrics and we both want your new purchases to live as long as possible. Please also fix when its needed, lend to your friends, and create many happy memories.


Do you have any vegan options?

In keeping with my brand ethos, all pieces are made using natural fibres or deadstock materials. Sometimes the deadstock materials may be polyester based, and if so they’ll be marked as vegan in their product descriptions. I use natural materials over vegan options as they generally (not always) last longer and are more durable, and they all biodegrade rather than sitting in landfill once they can no longer be worn. BUT- everything is made to order especially for you. So if you’d like to request a vegan alternative to any product, please enquire here. Everything will be made exactly the same way, just using your preference of material. Vegan/Polyester materials are usually a tad cheaper as well, so I might be able to offer a cheaper price. It’s a win win situation, all you have to do is ask!


Can I borrow pieces for a shoot?

Yes! I want as many people as possible to enjoy these beautiful garments, please get in touch here for more info.