Sustainability is such a difficult topic to navigate. It's impossible to be truly sustainable whilst making new things, and it's definitely become a huge buzzword for companies to use. But by shopping with a small business, you're already making a more sustainable choice- smaller business means less stock and therefore less waste, usually a smaller supply chain and a smaller carbon footprint.

Here is how I'm personally trying to be as conscious as possible whilst making new things:


Save clothing and fabric from landfill 

All reworked pieces have saved at least one garment from landfill, and often include vintage or dead-stock fabrics. This makes them completely one off, but also uses up things that would usually just be thrown away. For made to order pieces most are made from dead-stock fabrics, but if anything is bought new it is natural fibres only- meaning it will biodegrade at the end of its life rather than end up in landfill.



Create minimal waste

I save almost all scraps, except for the really really tiny bits which are recycled. Scraps of yarn are worked together to create dreamy one off jumpers. Scraps of fabric are stitched together to create a new unique textile, and then turned into a one of a kind garment.



Sustainable fibres

Everything from The Make is made using sustainable fibres. Anything bought new is 100% natural. Dead-stock and reworked garments are always natural fibres when possible, but due to the nature of recycling things, sometimes some polyester may slip in! Recycling these things still saves them from landfill, AND also offers a vegan option so that's all fine by me.



 Ethical manufacture

All manufacture is done by me, at my home in SE London. This minimises the supply chain- 99% of my materials are bought from within the UK, and then there’s just the one shipment from me to you. Each garment is priced to include a fair wage for the work completed, and I will always pay a fair wage whenever I have to outsource anything. A price breakdown is included in each product description so you can see the amount of time and care that is put into each garment.



 Recycled & reusable packaging

All packaging is paper based AND swing tags and postcards are printed onto recycled paper. These of course can all be recycled as well!